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Photographer: Leonardo Corredor / Stylist: Prince Franco / Hair: Akihisa Yamaguchi / MUA: Yuui Vision / Models: Jillian Mercado (RED), Josh Bartley (Nev), Abdul Kircher, Ramar Jean-Pierre (St. Claire), Chen Yu (RED), Adesuwa Aighewi (One Mgmt), Jordun Love (Major NY)


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Saoirse Ronan photographed for Wonderland Magazine, 2014

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mostly nature

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Close-up of the divine pastel details at Badgley Mischka Spring/Summer 2015 that were made up of intricate sparkling gem embellishments, embroidery of gold and silver thread with silk 3D petals to create a flowerful finish, along with an abundance of twinkling beads; not to mention each piece was topped with a coating of tiny pearly sequins making each piece perfectly princess-y. via.

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摄影:黎晓亮(Alexvi Studio)

人物后期:许林春Jim(Alexvi Studio)

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Ηow To Photograph The Soul By Predrag Pajdic

Artist on Tumblr | Pinterest

Visually poetic and full of sensuality, the work of artist, curator and historian - Predrag Pajdic - explores the concept of beauty through both photography and performance. Hot ‘N’ Gold catches up with him to discuss natural structures, secret gardens and shamanic rituals…

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"My Only Love is…" Part. I & II de EmiNguyen

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Free Falling
By Elizabeth Gadd

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 Bella Kotak

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Kazakh eagle hunters|Mongolia

The Kazakhs are the descendants of Turkic, Mongolic and Indo-Iranian tribes and Huns that populated the territory between Siberia and the Black Sea. They are a semi-nomadic people and have roamed the mountains and valleys of western Mongolia with their herds since the 19th century.The ancient art of eagle hunting is one of many traditions and skills that the Kazakhs have been able to hold on to for the last decades. They rely on their clan and herds, believing in pre-Islamic cults of the sky, the ancestors, fire and the supernatural forces of good and evil spirits.

tumblr user smokeybissli celebrates her heritage

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Surreal Photos Taken With An Old Film Camera by Oleg Oprisco

Artist on Tumblr | deviantART| facebook | 500px

The photographer Oleg Oprisco based in Ukraine, takes very beautiful and surrealistic pictures of fairy and dreamy women. The originality of his work is in the fact that he only uses oldschool cameras such as Kiev 6C and 88, and old films camera.

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Moon to Moon Blog: The Glass House

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