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 Bella Kotak

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OvergrowthbyParker Fitzgerald and Riley Messina

Overgrowth is a collaborative artistic project created by Parker Fitzgerald – the guy that takes most of the photos for Kinfolk magazine and Riley Messina – the gal that, if I’m not mistaken, did lots of the floral styling for this year’s Spring issue of Kinfolk, the one with the ice cream and flowers that made us go all gaga.

I’m totally going to be honest with you, I feel the concept of florals + faces is a wee overdone at this point, BUT the execution of this portraits (shot with film nonetheless) is beautiful. The floral design is just as awesome and works perfect with the models and the background. It’s whimsy (in the good sense) and somewhat creepy and dark at the same time – hence the feature on today’s post.

And even though it’s fall and there are hardly any wild flowers left, we can still enjoy a good ol’ session of floral design. In the face. Just the way we like it, right?

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Vincent Cassel by Stefano Galuzzi | L’Optimum magazine. Feb 2014

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Boho ⌖ Indie


Boho ⌖ Indie

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Silence Effects photography

on flickr

Yuliana Mendoza aka Silence Effects is an abstract/ambient photographer based out of La Spezia, Italia.

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Flóra Borsi | On Tumblr  (Budapest, Hungary) 2014

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Look at his hair.

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Anastasia Galaktionova


Anastasia Galaktionova

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'GOLD'  The Golden Girl, by  Gustavo Lopez Mañas

First we like to feature the artist work, Our ideas are similar and so excited to share this project with you. Some words from the designer, Personal fashion film dedicated to the GOLD color. Starring Patrycja Gacka @ Trend Models, hair by Yoshi Yamamoto, make up by Rafit Noy, manicure by Agostina Benda, a film by Gustavo Lopez Mañas

Wacth the video:

GOLD from Gustavo Lopez Mañas on Vimeo.

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Lindsey Wixson by Henrik Bulow for Fat Magazine Spring/Summer 2014


Lindsey Wixson by Henrik Bulow for Fat Magazine Spring/Summer 2014